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Life & Leadership Coach

Helping you Live Your
Best Life

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, unmotivated and struggling to find time to do what you love? Do you feel "stuck"? In your career? Relationships? Or the daily grind?


If so, I’ve got your back.


Helping you feel less stressed, reach your goals and find more time to do what sets your soul on fire is my true passion in life.

I can also help make all of those crazy life transitions easier. Looking for a new job or career? Suddenly an empty nester and not sure what’s next? New health goal? 

I work virtually with clients all over the world. Wherever you are  –– we focus on gaining clarity and confidence, removing barriers, setting meaningful goals and the actions to reach them. 

If you are ready to upgrade your relationships, career, finances or health, or looking to achieve a big goal in your life, I offer the support you need to get you there.


Life & Leadership Coach


About Me

My true passion is empowering others to find what sets their soul on fire so they can start living a more fulfilled life. 


Let's face it. Life is busy, stressful and it's not always easy to find time for the things we love. But what if you could? What if you could find time for what truly lights you up inside – without feeling stressed about the other "stuff" that distracts you from your dreams?

Every person deserves to live a fulfilled life with less stress and more joy! 


Every person should feel supported, inspired and heard.

Coaching helped me break free from being a stressed out people pleaser, to living a life that I love, filled with peace, happiness and fulfillment! Now, I am committed to helping others find their joy. ​


I am an iPEC Certified Life & Leadership Coach. My training and support will help you learn to gain confidence, overcome obstacles, navigate change, accomplish your goals & find what sets your soul on fire! 

What You'll Gain


Embrace Change

Change is inevitable. It's sometimes challenging, but often provides the greatest rewards. I help you navigate life's changes and embrace the amazing growth that occurs through change. 


Gain Confidence

With life constantly throwing us curve balls,  confidence is hard to achieve. I help you stop believing your inner critic & start believing in yourself. You'll gain confidence to do whatever brings you the greatest joy in life.


Achieve Your Goals

Setting goals is hard & achieving goals is harder. I help select goals, build plans & provide the accountability to make them happen! Whether it's making a plan for life after kids, organizing your life or growing your business, my experience can get you there.

Let's Connect

What Sets your
Soul on Fire

Be Fearless in the Pursuit of 

Let's Connect

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Carrie is an amazing listener! Her relationship advice has been instrumental in helping me make some difficult decisions and also finding greater joy in love & life.

She is such an incredible source of energy and warmth. Carrie always knows what questions to ask to help me find the answers I need. I am getting healthier, organizing my life and planning for my future.

Love her compassion and outlook on life! So easy to talk to! I'm learning so much about myself and becoming a happier, healthier person. Can't say enough about her! 

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