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5 Funny Ways to Generate Creative Ideas

Generating new and creative ideas can be a daunting task, especially if you're stuck in a rut. But fear not, here are five hilariously creative ways to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Take a Nap

Yes, you read that right. Taking a nap can actually help you generate new ideas. Your brain is often more creative when you're relaxed, so take a quick snooze and see what kind of genius ideas come to you.

2. Play a Game of Darts

This may sound strange, but throwing darts at a dartboard can be a great way to generate ideas. Pick a topic or problem you're trying to solve, and throw darts at the dartboard with different solutions or ideas written on it. You never know what ideas the dart gods will inspire.

3. Watch Fainting Goat Videos

Who doesn't love a good video of fainting goats? Taking a break to watch a few adorable goats falling down can help not only make you laugh, but clear your mind and spark new ideas. If not goats, find any funny distracting video that makes you happy. Just try not to get distracted watching videos all day.

4. Draw with Your Non-Dominant Hand

Try drawing something with your non-dominant hand. It'll be a mess, but it can help your brain think in new and different ways. You never know what kind of ideas your brain will come up with when it's being stimulated in new ways.

5. Have a Few Beers (or Wine or Whiskey) with Friends

Yes. The whole idea on a bar napkin is real. Not only is it relaxing to have a drink, but sometimes your friends are awesome to bounce ideas off of –– especially when it comes to work. As long as it isn't something confidential, friends often offer an outside perspective. They don't have anything to lose by coming up with crazy and of-the-wall ideas so brainstorming can be funny and productive.

So, if you're stuck and not sure where to go next on a project, try a few of these non-traditional ideas. Because generating new ideas doesn't have to be boring. Take a nap, play a game of darts, watch videos, draw with your non-dominant hand, and have a few drinks with friends. These hilariously creative methods may just lead to your next big idea.

Coaches can also help generate ideas to get you started on the right track. If you're interested in learning more, click here.


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