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Are you ready to become the author of your own destiny?


It's a beautiful journey that begins with intention setting—the act of defining your desires and channeling your focus towards your goals.


In this workbook, we'll explore the transformative power of intention setting and how being prepared and eager to embrace this practice can shape the course of your life. It's not a matter of wishful thinking or relying on fate; it's about taking actionable steps to manifest your dreams. Through exploration of core values, engaging exercises, and transformative insights, unlock the potential within you and pave the path to your envisioned future.


It's easy to get lost amidst the myriad choices and paths that present themselves.


But what if you had a compass? A guide that aligns with your true north?


Enter the power of intentions and core values - your personal blueprint for a destiny by design.


Why Intention Setting and Core Values?

An intention isn't just a wish; it's a powerful statement of purpose, a beacon guiding your every step. And at the heart of every intention are your core values, the uncompromisable principles that define who you are and what you stand for.


Inside the Workbook:

  • Understanding the Power of Intentions & Core Values: A deep dive into why these concepts are important.

  • Intention Setting Checklist: A systematic guide to help you formulate and refine powerful intentions.

  • Core Values Worksheet: Interactive exercises to help uncover what truly motivates you.

  • Step-by-Step Guide: A roadmap bringing together intention & values, helping you pave a purposeful path forward.


Reap the Rewards:

  • Clear Vision: Know what you want and align your actions with your intentions.

  • Authentic Decisions: Make choices that resonate with your true self, every time.

  • Purposeful Living: Feel the satisfaction of a life lived in harmony with your core values and intentions.


Step away from a life of reaction and drift. Take the reins and design your destiny. With the Design Your Destiny Workbook, you're not leaving your future to chance; you're intentionally crafting a life that mirrors your deepest aspirations and values.


Are you ready to Chart Your Path with Purpose?

Designing Your Destiny: Guide to Setting Intentions & Living your Dreams

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