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Coaching vs Therapy

Coaching and therapy are two different approaches that can help individuals achieve their goals and improve their overall well-being.

A therapist is like a archaeologist. They will help you dig up the pains and traumas from the past and help you learn from them.

A life coach is like an architect. They will gather information from you to help you design something for the future. They use these plans to help you execute and be successsful.

They will both use similar tools to each other, but they are focused on different jobs. One heals, the other builds.

Here are some other key differences between coaching and therapy:

Coaching typically focuses on helping individuals achieve specific goals related to their personal or professional development, such as improving their communication skills or developing leadership abilities. Therapy, on the other hand, tends to focus on addressing emotional or psychological issues, such as anxiety, depression, trauma, or relationship problems.

Therapy and coaching can both vary in length of time from few weeks to several months or years, depending on the goals of the individual and the severity of the individual's emotional or psychological issues.

Coaching typically uses a solution-focused approach that emphasizes practical tools and techniques to help individuals achieve their goals. Therapy, on the other hand, may use a variety of techniques, such as talk therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychoanalysis, or other evidence-based approaches to help individuals address underlying emotional or psychological issues.

Although some may choose to become certified through professional organizations, coaches do not typically require formal training or certification. Therapists, on the other hand, are typically licensed and have completed graduate-level training in counseling, psychology, or social work.

Coaches are generally not qualified to diagnose or treat mental health disorders, whereas therapists are trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of emotional and psychological issues.

Overall, coaching and therapy are two distinct approaches that can help individuals achieve different goals and address different issues. While coaching focuses on specific goals and practical solutions, therapy focuses on deeper emotional and psychological issues that may require longer-term treatment.

Therapists look backward to solve dysfunction. Coaches look forward to build a bridge to that destiny. Both great options, but very different approaches.

In other words, contact your therapist when you are too depressed for action or if you want to focus on solving problems from the past. They can bring you back to baseline.

Reach out to a life coach for when you want personal growth, build a plan for your future and unlock your full potential. They will help you make changes in life to put you on an upward trajectory towards success.


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