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How to Negotiate and Navigate in Business & in Life

Negotiation is an indispensable skill not just in the boardroom but also in everyday life.

Effective negotiation goes beyond mere conversation—it's about understanding psychology, mastering communication, and strategizing to achieve desired outcomes. In business, strong negotiation tactics can mean the difference between a landmark deal and a lost opportunity. Similarly, in personal life, skilled negotiating can help resolve conflicts, build better relationships, and ensure that your needs—and those of others—are met in a fair and balanced way.

This presentation is a brief introduction to core principles of successful negotiation, emphasizing the importance of preparation, clear communication, and the art of persuasion. It highlights the significance of setting realistic goals while being adaptable to new information and circumstances. By discussing various negotiation styles, the article illustrates how different scenarios may require different approaches, whether it's competitive bargaining or collaborative problem-solving.

How to Navigate and Negotiate in your career & in life
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It also addresses common pitfalls, such as emotional involvement or miscommunication, offering guidance on how to avoid or mitigate these issues. The presentation encourages a mindset that views negotiation as an opportunity for all parties to leave the table satisfied.

Finally, it includes some brief info on how to navigate career change with guides to help you understand your values, what is important in a job and talks about the below worksheet to help you explore career options.

Career Exploration Worksheet
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From understanding yourself better to actionable steps, the presentation presents a practical path toward becoming a more persuasive communicator and understanding how to navigate your career and life.

If you're interested in digging deeper into the power of negotiation, and how coaching can help you build your confidence, improve your negotiation skills and and make important career changes, don't hesitate to book a Dream Big Call with us.


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